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At The Angel we pride ourselves in delivering a service second to non when it comes to private venue hire by a warm and welcoming staff.
We have at your disposal two rooms situated on the top floor, also known as the Boston Suite, catering for a maximum of 16 people seated, or 25 people standing. Our main dining room is located on the first floor above the bar.
We've gained extra space in our basement bar which can also serve as an ideal place for a warm and intimate get-together. Subject to availability each room can be hired exclusively on its own or in conjunction with another floor depending on individual requirements.
Dine in style
and elegance


Our restaurant serves the best of modern American-style cuisine, using the finest steaks on the market. Our American Beef is USDA certified, bred & dry aged in Nebraska. Our Scotch Beef is aged twenty eight days on the world famous Buccleuch Estates.
The Angel's mission is to offer pure, fresh and stylish food at sensible prices. The quality of our cuisine is reflected in the flavours and our passion for simply grilling or roasting our meat and fish then accompanying them with classic and complementary sauces, fresh green salads or vegetables. Vegetarian dishes also available on the menu.

Buy Soma 350


Thank you for booking a table
at Missouri Angel Restaurant.
We will send you an email confirmation shortly.